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Designed for ease of use, the inflatable lounger packs into a compact bag when not in use, making it easy to strap onto your backpack or carry on its own. For setup, it simply requires unpacking and filling up with air similar to the Wind catcher, allowing you to inflate the whole thing in just a few seconds.

You can put it in the buggy bag and take it to anywhere you like.

Use Place: When you go for camping,out door BBQ,or beach swimming, any other out door activities, it must be your first choice of couch or sleeping bag.It is light,space saving.

فرشه هوائيه سهلة النفخ ما عليكم الا انكم تمشون فيها بالهوا شوي و رح تنفخ بسرعه. خفيفه حيل و ثابته و حجمها مناسب حق المنزل الشاليه والبر والبحر والسفر . متوفر بعدة الوان .   

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