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Waist Trainers started out as body shaping products that were uniquely designed for women, but owing to the numerous benefits they offered, they quickly gained popularity among men as well. Nowadays, new designs of waist trainers have become available that are suitable for being worn by both men and women.  If you are looking for a fast means to lose weight and get a flatter stomach, then waist trainer, or waist trimmer belt as it is sometimes called, is the way to go.

colours:green,blue,black and white


المشد الحراري

* يعمل على زيادة التعرق، ويساعد في حرق الدهون في البطن، ونحت البطن والخصر. مريح ويساعد على حرية الحركة ، ويزيد من اللياقة البدنية الروتينية، مما يجعلها مثالية لممارسة الرياضة

* يحتوي على 80٪ من النيوبرين، و 20٪ من النايلون

متوفر المقاسات S,M,L,XL ، اللون المتوفر: أبيض واسود ، اخضر و ازرق


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