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Sokany 1450W Multiple Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine Capsule Coffee Maker


● Three in one capsule coffee machine
Small cup setting (about 25 seconds, 30-50ml), one-key extraction, large cup setting (about 47 seconds, 80-120ml) can be made
● Three coffee systems
A multi-purpose, three in one system capsule coffee machine, more compatible with milk / soybean milk / milk tea / tea capsules
● Order your favorite coffee
Meet the harsh requirements of different concentrations of taste, say goodbye to fast-food coffee, arbitrarily mix your favorite coffee
● One bond extraction
The function is simple and clear, to ensure that the coffee is mellow
● 19bar high pressure benzene extraction
Instant release of coffee essence
● Cup setting system
1 minute extraction complete, 20 seconds preheating + 40 seconds extraction, enjoy delicious without waiting
● Intelligent anti dry burning
15 minutes automatic power off, intelligent anti dry burning, safe and worry free
● 600ml large water tank
Removable, easy to clean, large capacity to meet a multi cup
● Food grade material
The water tank is made of safe food grade material
● Detachable collecting tray
Easy to disassemble and place different cups
Specifications :
Power: 1450W

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